Old News at the Museum...
We have new windows and a new awning. The wind does not blow through the edges of the glass anymore. And the Sun will not scorch everything in the gallery. It is just wonderful.
We will be adding signage to the upper facade and detail to the front door, along with a host of summer outdoor projects.
Special thanks to the City of Berwyn and the Berwyn Development Corporation for their assistance with this important project.
The Spindle cars have been moved to new restoration facilities near Rt66 in Downers Grove. The Volkwagen has been partially disassembled and work has begun on rust removal and metal repair. The BMW is awaiting repairs.
Many thanks to the fans and supporters of the Spindle for their contributions, large or small.
We are in need of volunteers to assist in the restoration, with labor, parts and or specific services related ro the reconstruction of the Spindle. If you can assist or would like more information, please email us at Spindle@BerwynRt66Museum.org
Berwyn Route66 Monuments
The restoration of the one remaining original Berwyn Route 66 monuments has not begun. We have all of the pieces and they need to be cleaned, repainted and assembled. The neon cascading multi color lights with their mechanical controler will be replaced with LED's and electronic controls. Again, we are looking for volunteers to assist us with the restoration of this important Berwyn Rt66 icon. If you are interested, please email us at info@BerwynRt66Museum.org
Save The Spindle
New Facade